ION Tan Spray Tan Machine Cordless Rechargeable with Naked Sun Honey Glow Rapid Tanning Solution

Naked Sun

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This Kit includes:

  • 1 - Naked Sun ION Tan Cordless, Rechargeable Handheld Spray Tanning Machine
  • 1- 8 oz Honey Glow Rapid Tanning Solution

The ION Tan is the groundbreaking, just launched, newest member of the ION portable spray tan machine lineup.

Cordless, light as a feather and rechargeable, the ION Tan is the perfect on the go personal spray tan gun. It is distinguished by an ultra efficient digital brushless motor and two operational power modes -- standard mode, which has 10% more power than competitors and Turbo Mode which has 64% more power than other cordless spray tan machines!

In standard mode, the ION Tan exceeds competitors. In Turbo mode, it blows them away!

More importantly, in Turbo mode it can be used  for a mobile or salon tanning business too! Turbo mode results are indistinguishable from a professionally applied salon quality  tan!

For precise spray atomization and long life, a corrosion resistant stainless steel needle and .5 mm nozzle. Compare this to the plastic needles on competitive cordless spray tan machines.

The ION Tan has adjustable spray patterns: horizontal and vertical fan patterns and a round pattern. It has a fluid flow control knob and an air filter to protect the unit from stray overspray. The solution bottle is marked in milliliters for accurate spray usage. It has a capacity of 120 ml (4 ounces). Typical client usage is about 60 ml (2 ounces). This solution bottle is superior to spray guns with large paint spray cups that make solution usage hard to track.

In operation, fully charged and in standard mode, an ION Tan run time is about 20-25 minutes. In turbo mode, run time is shorter, about 13-15 minutes. A full body tan should take less than 5 minutes in turbo mode. A tan in standard mode takes slightly longer since the flow rate is lower with less power.

If you use the ION Tan in professional applications, extra battery packs are recommended. Part of the handle is a battery pack. Press the one button release and a battery pack can be replaced in seconds! Keep fully charged battery packs available for uninterrupted back to back application!

Recharge time is less than one hour with our fast charger. Only use the fast charger to recharge. The unit arrives partially charged. Plug it in before first use for a full charge.


The power button is on the bottom of the handle. Press and hold for the unit to power up. The unit powers up in standard mode. Press the power button once to switch to turbo mode. Press and hold the power button to turn the machine off.

Weight: 535 grams /1.18 pounds