The Naked Sun Overspray X Fan Filter - Two Pack

Naked Sun

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The Naked Sun Overspray Fan Filter is a unique bi-layer filter. One layer is a white finely pleated hepa filter. The other layer consists of numerous cells containing activated carbon that is covered by a black fine mesh fabric.  This layer gives a dark, attractive honeycomb look. The activated carbon is great at removing odors. This filter has a convenient loop to easily slide a filter out of the unit.

Spray tanning health guidelines recomend protection from the inhalation of spray tan overspray. Overspray is absorbed and blocked by the filter and clean, uncontaminated air is passed through.

Filter Pack Features:

  • Two Sided Hepa/Honeycomb Activated Carbon Filter - Premium two sided filter comes standard. Hepa filter side excels at removing tiny droplets. Honeycomb activated carbon side excels at removing odors.
  • Two filters per pack.