The Wave Mini High Efficiency Spray Tan Overspray Extraction Fan

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The Wave Mini is a compact Spray Tan Overspray Extraction Fan and Air Purifier. It is designed to intake moisture laden air and to remove excess droplets of overspray, cleaning and purifying the air. The mini can clean like a full-sized unit but is compact, lightweight and mobile.

Like the full-sized Wave, the Mini comes standard with a washable filter, slashing your air purifying costs.  The unit quickly pays for itself since disposable filter costs are unnecessary! A slide-in/out filter slot at the top of the unit makes installation or removal of filters a breeze. For maximum air purification, a disposable HEPA filter is also available.

The Wave Mini has two speeds selectable by a simple, reliable rocker switch. It has a built-in handle for easy transport. For cord management, simply wrap the cord around the circular hub on the back.

A unique feature to the Mini is its telescoping base. Release the built in clamps to raise the unit to a desired height above the base. Re-engage the clamps to secure the height you picked. Now the unit draws in air from a higher position from the floor.

The Wave Mini is a versatile, mobile air purifier and moisture extractor designed to be easy to transport and store. It excels at removing spray tan overspray. But it is equally at home as a traditional HEPA filter air purifier. It has a low operating cost-cutting profile typical of the  Wave brand.


Size: 12.25 in W x 13.5 in H x 7 in L

Weight: 7.5 lb